Third party CRS – Interface

For you who know ASI FRONTDESK as hotel management software must be familiar with the interface services that ASI had. Interface for all 3 systems such as Sabre CRS big parties or Synxis, Genres, InnLink, Megnasun available in breast milk. This interface is very useful if the hotel operator is bound to log long-term contract with the system CRS third parties, as well as other interfaces, it also has a two-way connection, and in particular to control the price and supply of ASI Reception Hotel PMS and automatically download and synchronize the booking.

ASI continues to improve its products and services as new technologies and solutions for the hospitality industry, so that the ASI is committed to providing services and products for industry hotel that has a purpose such as an efficiency and cost savings, and you no longer have difficulty in record ID guests with writing on a book big. With Interface that can be accessed by ASI, then you have accuracy in the data collection and management so that it will save you time in work.

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