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Mistakes to avoid during your web transfer process

It will be surprised when you notice the mistake of web transferring. Web transfer might be able to choose as the best one to get more leads and optimize the search engine, but it can also ruin your effort once you make even the small mistake. Site Raft actually has years of experience in helping people get success with their web transfer project. Transferring a site from one hosting company to another one is not like moving your home or office to a new place. In fact, it can come with unique of potential issues. We have made a list of mistakes to avoid anytime you will transfer your website.

As more and more mentioned, backup and copies of database and files is important to have. Somehow, you need to ensure that nothing loses, but it would be challenging. Well, failure to back up the database of your site before exporting is the big mistake. When you lose everything, it means that you have to struggle in creating site content and storing your data, right? For the instructions or assistance, we suggest you contact your current hosting provider or someone who has specialty in web transfer. Nothing worse than knowing all of your databases and files are removed while you have no copy or backup.

Incompatibility with new hosting provider is also known as the mistake every individual or organization have to avoid. A new operating system of your new host needs to be the same as the one of your current hosting, even more, if you have no simple HTML website. For your additional information, HTML website is able to run on any operating system. To assess a new web host company, it is not matter to use the same way as you used when selecting your first or previous hosting provider. So, why not make the web transfer simpler by contacting us?