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Fries and Hamburger

Do you know what is most important for you to enjoy along with a burger? Yes, that is true. French fries! For you fans certainly will not be missed hamburger with fries, this is evidenced by package choice in fast food restaurants that offer a package of hamburger with fries. One of the fast food restaurants that offer the best burger and fries at Five Guys is, one more thing you should know. In any restaurant or food place, they certainly have a secret menu that you can order, to determine Five Guys Secret Menu, you can visit our website.

The fries is a dish made from pieces of potato fried in hot cooking oil. In the menu diners, the fries are cut long-term and deep fried in a state immersed in hot cooking oil called French fries. The fries can be eaten alone as a snack or as a complement to the main course meals such as steaks, hamburgers, fish and chips and currywurst.

In the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations, the fries were like french fries are called chips. In North America, the term “chips” means potato crisps (potato chips), while in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, “chips” can mean french fries or potato chips. In the early 1950s, Jack Simplot who owns a company called J.R. Simplot french fries creating raw materials in the form of pieces of peeled potatoes and frozen. Before the company J.R. Simplot supplies raw materials fries, potatoes peeled and cut manually in all branches of fast food restaurants. Frozen potato production J.R. Simplot managed to shorten the time of food preparation and help drive the expansion of the restaurant franchise.

French fries means “fries in the style of French” In English, this word could mean fry with a little oil (sauté) or fry in oil that much up submerged (deep frying). Whereas in French, saute just mean fry in oil that much up submerged. At first the verb “to french” is used for cutting something with the form of long-term such as matches stick called Julienne. According to the dictionary Oxford English Dictionary, the term “to french” is used for the meat cut into small pieces, but the term was not used until french fried potato known to many people.