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Thermal Regulation: One of the Internal Factors that Affect Body Mass

Thermal regulation is one of the internal factors which can affect the body mass. What it means by the internal factors are the factors that will not be able to be controlled by doing a diet plan or program. However, a diet plan or program is still necessary to be done to help you reduce the excessive fat. The 3 week diet reviews here are some of the reviews of the 3 week diet plan you can read to help you get to know better this diet plan which can be effective in reducing the fat.

A human is essentially a warm-blooded creature that spends energy to maintain body temperature. In addition to requiring energy to maintain body temperature which is 37 ° C in average, an amount of energy is also needed to maintain the activity of vital organs like the heart and lungs. The energy required is derived from the food consumed by a person.

Generally, in a state of sleep, humans need the power of 1 Watt per kg of body weight and human body weighing 65 kg will consume about 65 watts, or roughly equivalent to the power needed to power two light bulbs. With a body weight of 65 kg, then the energy consumption required by the people every day is about 5500 kilojoules or 1,400 kilocalories or kcal. The energy required for a human being to live in a state of rest, without doing any activity earlier called the Basal Metabolic rate or more often abbreviated as BMR.

Thermal regulation mechanism of each person is different and the energy consumption that determines how many nutrients that must be burned by the body to produce energy. Thus, the higher the BMR person, the higher the energy consumption and people need more food to maintain body activity. Differences in gender, race, and height also affect the value of BMR. Psychological conditions and air temperature are also influential.