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Gum Problem that Related With Heart Disease

Healthy gums are strong, elastic and pink. Diseased gums appear red, swollen and sometimes bloody. Get your healthy gum and teeth by regulary visit Dr. Kenneth l fong dds. Genetics is responsible in some cases, in the case of teeth and gum disorders. Here are some gum problems that may be related to heart disease:

– Gingivitis is one of gum disease, where the gap between the gums and the teeth are formed due to bacterial infestation. The main symptoms of this condition, mild at first, is swelling, redness and bleeding of the gums.

– Pericoronitis is the gums disorder that caused when a wisdom tooth does not come out perfectly from your gums and it causing gaps. When food particles accumulate, they start to rot and weaken the tooth root cause discomfort and pain. When these conditions can cause severe swelling in the cheek and neck.

– When gum disease has become critical, causing periodontitis. The infection reaches wider into the gums and influence tooth roots. These infections can also cause damage to the bone under the gums and makes the gums recede.