Is the incense forbidden?

people who do not like the scent of incense say if incense can cause addiction like drugs. That is not true because the incense does not damage brain cells as a drug. We can not say if incense addictive because it may be rather fun and to give it a try, we can buy spice online. The fragrant of incense is very varied and quite strong. People who inhale the fragrance of incense can get excited about using drugs. That’s because the incense could change a person’s mood for the better.

There is no ban on the use of incense in any country as incense never made people sick or even die. Until now, there is no news if incense gives bad impact to users. If there are victims of use of incense was probably due to other causes such as food poisoning or drunken alcoholic beverages. So, we do not have to worry if we do not ever get the loss of incense.

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