The bait and technique to catch the grouper fish

A grouper fish is one of the saltwater fish that’s commonly lived in the rocky waters in the bottom of the sea. The grouper has the black colored body which is decorated with the white spots in its whole body. These fish utilize the pattern in its body as camouflage while hunting. The grouper fish lived in the rocky waters and is not often went far from its habitat. If you’re also looking for the best place for your fishing trips, the deep sea fishing in dubai could be the most amazing trips that you could try.

This fish is very aggressive and very rare for it’s to chasing the prey if it’s not really hungry or its territory is being disturbed by intruders. This fish is also known as favorite consumption fish do to its delicious meat with the smooth texture. There are so many anglers that target this fish while they’re fishing at the sea.

The way to catch the grouper fish is usually by using the bottom technique or the bottom fishing. The first thing that needs to do is preparing the bait. The bait could be the pieces of tuna, slices of squid meat, intact or small shrimps, or the slices of other fish. If it’s starving, any type of bait would be snatched by it due to the grouper fish is a voracious fish. With the requirement of the bait need to be smelly so it could arouse the grouper’s appetite. For the live bait, the live shrimps, yellow-stripe, chub mackerels, or the small red snapper.

As for the artificial bait, the angler can choose minnow with the long with long tongue due to it’s could dive deeper in order to approach the hiding grouper. If the target is the giant grouper, use the large live bait to attract its attention.

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